Weeknotes 2021 WK 18

A well timed break

I’d planned to do the security releases on Tuesday this week and then take the rest of the week off. This was a good plan it turned out.

We had a test failure on Windows turn up after the release. I stuck around to deal with that, since I’m on point for Windows issues.

But Tuesday went a bit loco as Python merged a change in behaviour for urlparse, which they backported and released in 3.9.5. This broke URLValidator, for which fortunately we had tests, but which needed fixing immediately.

Late Tuesday this was looking like Mariusz had it well under control, so I duly shut down. (The second set of security releases this week were out on Thursday.)

Then it turned out there was a more serious regression in Tuesday’s release. Folks are using File in a way we didn’t have coverage for, so we didn’t pick this up when preparing the initial security release.

Being off, I’ve followed this from a far this week. Conscious of it, but deliberately not looking closely. Thanks to Mariusz and Markus and Florian for their efforts. I’ll dig into the details when I’m back on it this week coming up.