Weeknotes 2021 WK 19

Getting going with flit

Time to pull my talk together for DjangoCon Europe. Part of that involves packaging up some bits I’ve been playing with over the last few months.

Usually for that I’d just use setuptools. I’m old and curmudgeonly, I don’t much like change, certainly not just for the sake of it. I gave Poetry a run a while back, and whilst it was very smooth, I didn’t much like the way it wanted to manage my dependencies. A case of, Please don’t, or maybe even, Get off my lawn.

I was listening to Brett Cannon talking to Brian Okken on Test and Code last week. They were discussing Python Packaging. There was much praise of the flit package, which (for pure Python packages) does the setuptools job without trying to take over everything. I’d seen this before but was a bit Grumble, grumble, what do I need that for?

With the strong recommendation, I thought I’d give it a go. Python packaging is on the move. Slowly, slowly things are evolving. I’ve been pyproject.toml a sideways glance for a while now, but it’s the way forward and to catch-up with that is worthwhile.

A quick flit init — some questions (not offering my favourite licence type, but I can forgive that) — a couple of edits, and then a flit publish and then all done. Easier than tracking down Hynek’s super guide, and remembering what was it I did last time?

I think there’s a massive virtue in doing just the minimum. flit ticks that box, so I’m going to explore it more, and am very pleased thus far.