Serve your Sphinx docs with Django.


Install using pip:

pip install django-sphinx-view

Then add sphinx_view to INSTALLED_APPS for template discovery:


That’s it. You’re good to go.

Optionally, you can add "sphinx_view" to your extensions in Sphinx’s

extensions = [

This will enable a custom JSON builder that makes the global TOC available on each page. (If you don’t add the sphinx_view extension, the default JSON builder will be used.)

Basic Usage#

Build your Sphinx docs with the JSON builder, using make json.

Route a DocumentationView with a Path to the output JSON:

from pathlib import Path

from django.urls import path
from sphinx_view import DocumentationView

urlpatterns = [
    # ...
    # ...

The json_build_dir keyword argument is required, providing the location of the rendered ouput JSON.

The base_template_name (default base.html) keyword argument allows you to provide a base template fitting your site’s layout. It should provide title, doc, and toc blocks.

You may also set a template_name (default sphinx_view/page.html) keyword arg to provide a custom template.

The page template receives a context with base_template_name and doc keys.

The doc has these properties:

  • title

  • body

  • toc - the page contents

  • toctree - the global table of contents

The body, toc, and toctree elements are rendered HTML and should be output using the safe filter:

# In sphinx_view/page.html
{% block doc %}
{{ doc.body|safe }}
{% endblock doc %}


You can subclass DocumentationView to require authentication and so add access control, and so on. You can customise the template to add other dynamic elements.


django-sphinx-view has two goals and one non-goal.


  • The key DocumentationView view class to serve the rendered JSON files. Initial version is in place. I imagine small API adjustments going forwards but little else.

  • A Sphinx template bridge that will allow using the DTL when rendering the HTML docs using make html and the HTMLBuilder. This will complete the circle, so to speak, and allow building your docs to static HTML or if you don’t have the Django development server available.

The non-goal is to replace Sphinx themes in general. django-sphinx-view is about integrating Sphinx built docs into your Django site. You bring the styling, you bring the theme.