And I’m done!

The week that was 2023 WK13.

So, that’s it. I’m retired 🥳 — this week was my last as a Django Fellow.

It’s been a great ride, and a massive honour. But now it’s time for other things.

Everyone was very kind this week. Mariusz made me a cake. Others sent kind words. It was nice to wrap up in time for Django 4.2 next week.

I’m looking forward to two things mainly: fewer notifications, and being able to focus on a specific task for extended periods.


  • I posted A Chat About the Future of Django on why I think you should listen to this week's Django Chat with Chaim Kirby, the current DSF President. If you didn’t see that, please do.
  • I released channels-redis v4.1. redis-py had a security release, so that was a spur to get the update here out. It handles automatically closing connections on an event loop shutdown, which affected people upgrading to v4.0 if they were using async_to_sync, e.g. with Celery or something.


  • I enjoyed Simon Willison’s post AI-Enhanced Development Makes Me More Ambitious With My Projects. It gives a worked example of how AI tools can help you do things that might otherwise have too much of an entry cost.
    • Giving this a go, I had mixed success: a VS Code to BBEdit integration that I’ve long wanted came together quickly — despite ChatGPT just making up some non-existent VS Code settings — whereas for a tricky asyncio test case I was pondering, the AI was just bullshitting, and I wasted the (admittedly small) time I gave it.
    • Thus far, my general impression stands: It’s like pair-programming with someone who’s had a couple of whiskeys.
  • This piece in the LRB Putting the Silicon in Silicon Valley is worth your time. (As John Lanchester’s pieces always are.)

Fellow Report for 2023 WK13