A Chat about the Future of Django

Yesterday we had DSF President, Chaim Kirby, join us for Django Chat. Due to our super-speedy production team (Will) that's out today.

Clearly it's nice if you do listen to the podcast but, given that it's just us chatting, I don't normally think that you should listen. Well perhaps this time, yes.

As well as Chaim, Will has just come off of three years as DSF Treasurer, and I'm wrapping up tomorrow after five years as a Django Fellow.

You don't have to agree with what we say but, we touch on the core themes of where Django is going as a framework and as a community. This is the future. What's Django going to be?

If you're at all vested in that, please do give it a listen, and a thought. Your input is going to make the difference. 💝

Plus, it's like 30mins on 2x speed. No excuses 😜

You can listen to the episode here: How Django Really Works - Chaim Kirby | Django Chat

The @djangochat toot for the episode is here, if you have any comments or thoughts.

Let's go! 🚀