Winding Down, Getting Ready

The week that was 2023 WK12

Next week is my last week as a Django Fellow.

I’m looking forward to a break now. I’m looking forward to turning off the notifications.

As I keep telling folks, I’m not leaving Django — far from it! — and I’ll be available to be cc-ed or @mentioned as relevant, but for the last five years I’ve seen pretty much every comment, every action, every commit that’s gone on on django/django: I need to turn that down.

Eyeballing the calendar, I think I’ll see how I feel after DjangoCon Europe in a couple of months. (My talk wasn’t accepted this time for DjangoCon Europe, so I’m looking forward to just attending, not having the pressure of a talk as well.)

I’ve decided to pick up the Weeknotes casually. It will give me a small amount of accountability, in what will otherwise be a glorious vacuum. (Ha! 😜)

This week was then trying to clear the plate to go forward. Getting ready for GSoC, making sure the open async tickets are progressed — both of these as far as possible — reviewing David Smith’s marvellous PR adding group rendering to bound form fields — this last meaning I’m going to have to run Django’s main branch until 5.0 appears in December 😜 — and so on.

Going forward, I want to maintain django-filter, Channels and so on, help out a bit more on other packages, and stay involved with django/django itself. My retirement project (aiming at Django 5.0) is adding JSON handling to Django’s request object, followed by a relook at serialisation in Django (which is more speculative).

Other bits


Fellow Report for 2023 WK12