Weeknotes 2020 WK32

Inspired by Simon Willison’s Weeknotes posts, I thought I’d give it a try. Initial 3 months. Will review how that went at the end.

Django 3.1 Released.

Django 3.1 was the big one this week. Fortunately Mariusz was release manager for 3.1, so I got to play the (much easier) supporting role. I’m back on point for 3.2.

Django 3.1 Release Announcement

Towards Channels v3

I don’t know about you but, 2020 has knocked me totally sideways.

In general, if you’re relying on open source apps be prepared to roll your sleeves up, and do things like install unreleased versions from GitHub — at least until this is all over (and by that I guess I mean, until there’s a vaccine and it’s been widely delivered, whenever that may be…) There’s no way maintainers can give you the service you’ve been accustomed to. Expect that.

And you do sponsor the packages you depend on right?

The point being, I’ve had little time for open source thus far this year. Managed to get small releases out for several packages, and a big bump for channels_redis, but the thing that has been top of my mind is Channels itself, and making sure that’s ready for Django 3.1.

Finally got some bandwidth for that. We’ll update to ASGI v3 throughout, which is what Django 3.0+ uses for it’s ASGI application, and adjust to use the Django ASGI app (rather than Channel’s own) if you’re on Django 3.0+. Then a few docs, and a few other little changes and we’ll be not far off.

I guess another few weeks for a major version release.

PR to convert to ASGI v3

Then DRF is next on my list. Tom pushed out 3.11.1 for Django 3.1 compat this week, but we have a 3.12 with lots of OpenAPI improvements that’s not far off ready to go.

Talk for DjangoCon Europe

I saw (maybe again) Markus is giving an amazing looking talk on Django’s migrations framework. I think this is dearly needed. Current intro is more-or-less Open the code, take a look.

But it reminded me that we have to record the talk in advance. I’m somehow much more nervous about doing a video than a talk live. Having the audience there is a big thing.


Began reading Robin Hobb’s Las naves de la Magia, which was Ship of Magic in English I think. (No idea about the change of noun count.) I read the Farseer trilogy a year or so ago — I remember sitting at DjangoCon US, massively jet lagged trying to concentrate of more than a paragraph at a time.

Seems like a much different world…

Anyhow, found myself wanting more, so picked up this. I must say she’s very good.