Weeknotes 2021 WK 27

Time marches on.

My eldest turned 13 this week. I’ll just put a little, Wowser there and leave it at that.

2nd Vaccination

COVID-19 cases are up 10-fold in the last few weeks in Catalonia. We made the E.U.’s “Red List”.

Tourist money is more important here than basic public health measures, so I don’t really expect the government to act on that until close to September. Thus, I expect cases to keep going up. (In fairness, hospitalisations are nothing like they were last year.)

I was quite pleased then, shall we say, to get my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Friday. Not at peak protection yet, and it’s not clear what level of protection is offered for the newer variants, but it is a big milestone.

I’ll continue to observe the basic measures, wear the mask, and avoid the crowds this summer. 🏝

Grumble, grumble, Unicode, grumble…

Working with Anna on the Django Girls site again this week. We’re off Travis, and onto GitHub Actions. I’m sure we can improve that but… 👍 — There’s a summer’s worth of small issues updating dependencies, and Python versions, and so on.

We had the one crashing issue: a duplicate URL slug value causing a MultipleObjectsReturned. Anna digging around in the DB pinned it down eventually. "Medellín".lower() comparing equal to “Medellin”.lower() when fetching from the DB (but not in Python, typically). Reminiscent of a Django security issue a while back, I hate this kind of thing. Hard to spot before it comes up, and hard to track down when it does. Fixed for now, until next time someone enters similar; we need to adjust the form validation at the create step to avoid it happening in the future.

Channels 3.0.4

A bug fix release for Channels.

Main one is to defer the import of AnonymousUser in channels.auth. Folks wanting to run the Django view stack via ASGI were needing to create the Django ASGI application before importing the Channels authentication middleware, so that django.setup() was run. That makes sense, but it’s a bit more background knowledge than I’d like to depend on, so it’s good to adjust that.

There are a couple of other little, minor ones. Recommended.

Next up will be a release for Django-Filter.