Weeknotes 2021 WK 23

Summer is coming

Summer dominates the year where I live in Spain. It’s long and it’s hot. Tourism is the biggest industry here, so Summer is also the time when people gain most of the money that they depend-on for the year.

With the pandemic, the last Summer was very difficult. Estimates were that the peak week of the year was at only 50% capacity, and significantly lower around that. It’s easy to imagine the impact that’s had. Folks need a better year in 2021.

This week marked the turn towards Summer.

It’s noticeably hotter. The tourists are coming. Seemingly no British people, but lots of Dutch, and Germans, and French. It’s hard to tell the numbers, but it’s good to see life returning.

They tell me the vaccine rollouts are going well. I guess the September caseloads will tell the story there.

This week in Catalonia they extended to availability to people in their 40s (which is the most populous group). I could book on Thursday for a jab next Friday. Apparently the site went down with demand, so I had a bit of luck. Second doses are 21 days later. I’m excited about this.

They have just a few weeks left before the long (12 weeks!) Summer break but, the schools switch to mornings-only (in preparation) from this week.

That forces us into the Summer rhythm. A slower pace. A much-needed breather.

Some targets…

  • DjangoCon US has a CFP. I think I’ll submit my Dynamic static sites talk from DjangoCon Europe. I don’t have the energy to write a fresh talk. It’s a remarkable amount of effort.
  • Back to Channels. Time to potter on some issues, and get out the next round of updates.
  • Django 4.0 long-list: I’ll turn to the zoneinfo timezones support changes now. There’s a bit of work to do there, so best to break the back of it in the next few weeks.
  • Ship Button. All the bits are there. Now just need to roll them out in the best order I can. Noted this week that I’d stalled again towards the end of Feb. Time to put paid to that. I’m in no real rush, but I want to get it into folk’s hands.

Beyond that, there was Alpine Day launching the new version of Alpine JS. (It has proper docs and everything!)

I’m having fun with Alpine. It hits a very nice sweet-spot, just beyond that point where you want a little-bit of state. For oldies: remember when jQuery wasn’t quite enough, and the smile you had with that first touch of Backbone, before it all went too far? It’s that same kind of place, but modern. Plus, it passes my can you load it with a script tag test so 👍