Weeknotes 2020 WK 41

Quiet again this week, which is nice.


On the Fellowing front I was able to knock-off one PR that had been lining the bottom of the list for a long-time. That’s a big win. It’s only one ticket, but the list develops a kind-of hard centre that can be hard to break. You need a window to sit down with the hard ones to progress them.

Other than that, I progressed some WIP updates for Selenium v4, and it was the usual mix of triage and review.

Fellow Report for 2021 WK 41


I’ve finally got a small window in my week for Button. It’s been a while. Time to get it out the door before that disappears again.

The immediate target is documentation: writing up the Getting Started so that I can get people on board to find the issues.

I wrote up a couple TILs along the way there:

(The second one was the result of the first.)