Weeknotes 2022 WK 1

Not the new start I was expecting.

I ran out of steam at the end of last year. We moved house at the beginning of December. That was all good. But on top of all the rest of — glances at universe, again — 2020/21 I had to pull up the drawbridge and call it a day. Time for a much-needed Christmas break.

Last year I was writing my Weeknotes on a Sunday. That was fine, in its way. But Sunday is not the day for such. A slight re-jig and my plan is to knock them out on a Friday afternoon. A kind of Deploy the Weekend type theme.

I was all lined up on Friday: a set of Django security releases to mention, and a couple of other bits. However, the universe had other ideas.

My step-father was taken ill — not with Covid-19, but rather issues of age — and admitted to hospital. My mother is dependent upon him, so it was then a question of how to handle that, and the existing commitment of four children, and all the rest of it.

We’re all doing OK, for the various measures of that, and finding a rhythm. Nonetheless, a quiet pause on the immediate plans for the new year while that all plays out.

Said with a smile, can’t help thinking 2020 is the gift that keeps giving. A few months of normality would be nice. Maybe by Spring.