Weeknotes 2021 WK 40

Lots of Selenium

Something of a quiet week. I released Django 3.2.8, and then spent what felt like the rest of it with Selenium.

Selenium is a super technology. It allows you to automate web browsers, which might be cool.

We use Selenium for admin UI testing in Django, but the tests can be, let’s say, temperamental. It’s very sensitive to particular browser versions, on a particular platform, with an exact version of the driver that’s being used, and whether it’s run headless or not.

Anyhow, we had a CI failure this week, that took me an age to reproduce locally, and then not too long to fix once I had. This is sometimes how it goes.

Back to the long-list

I did get a session to sit down with the long-standing PR to add SECRET_KEY rotation, which would add SECRET_KEYS: list allowing you to bring in a new one, and rotate out the old.

Started by Andreas Pelme, I wanted to get this in for Django 4.0, and 3.2 for that matter, but didn’t have the bandwidth.

For the first time in a couple of cycles, the long-list seems shorter now than it was, so I’ve got back to it. It’s rebased, and I’ve started working on the suggestions, so hopefully get this in now, sooner rather than later this time round.

Fellow Report for 2021 WK40