Incremental Progress

The week that was 2023 WK17

My son’s illness continues. He’s no better, really, and it looks like there’s not much that doctors are able to offer him.

We spent large parts of this week touring various hospitals for appointments with various specialists, all of which resulted in nothing very concrete.

More again next week.

I doubt there’s much market for a Medical Facilities of Catalonia guidebook.

Updating django-filter…

I updated django-filter to v23.2. This deprecates the inbuilt methods of the DRF Filter Backend for schema generation.

The drf-spectacular package is the way to go for schema generation with DRF, and it’s much easier for them to encapsulate everything that it is to spread it across two packages.

As per the deprecation policy, these methods will be removed in v25.1, so you’ve got plenty of time, but really drf-spectacular is the way to go here.

… and Neapolitan

A couple of quick releases for Neapolitan (the last to 23.9).

  • Added a UI link from the list to the detail view. (Kind of handy 😜)
  • Began adding some styling to the default templates.

This last uses Tailwind, but the idea is that the default templates should be easy to override.

To this, I’m going to add a project in an examples/ folder showing use with Bootstrap, which as per the last survey is by-far the most used option. (ref).

I’m busy using Neapolitan myself. The next phase will be me documenting CRUDView properly, maybe with very minor API tweaks as I hit the edge cases. There’a s few patterns here, like restricting QuerySets, and adding access controls that I need to implement two or three times to be sure of the API.

At that point, even though it’s early days, bar templates, which one assumes are never done, it should be more or less stable™. I guess that’s one of the good things of a small scope.