How to get your issue looked at quickly

Do the work. Add a test. Seriously.

You come to the repo with a description. It’s maybe plausible. But TBH I don’t know. Sure it’s my project, I know it as well as anyone. But I can’t just intuit from the ether every possible interaction along every possible code path. As it stands I need to put quite a lot of work in to verify your issue.

You might give me a sample project. It’s so rarely just pull and run. (Or worse you gave a docker project, for which I no longer have the life force left to even look at, never mind about try and debug.)

Or you could have opened a small PR, adding a failing test to the test suite.

Ah, sweet heaven. I check out your branch. I run your test. Ah, there’s your failure. And there’s your fix.

You want your issue looked at quickly? Do the work. Add a test. Seriously.