Weeknotes 2021 WK 24

Getting going with Diátaxis

RescueTime wasn’t happy with me this week. I spent far too long in Teams.

There was good reason for this, though: Daniele Procida gave the first of his free workshops on his Diátaxis framework, and contributing to the Django docs. It was mostly about Diátaxis.

If you know Daniele this won’t be a surprise but, I have to say the workshop was excellent, simply first class. There’s a second one this coming Wednesday (23rd June UTC+2 09:00-13:00). The form is still open. We’ve got space for a few more, maybe.

Two things really stuck out for me:

The first of these will involve a new discipline. The second offers a massive aid in fighting the inclination to perfectionism. I’m looking forward to working with the framework as a guide. I’m going to put a conscious effort into using it over the Summer to get into the habit.

First dose of Vaccine 💉

Self-explanatory, but I was very pleased to get dose-one on-board this week. Recommended.