Weeknotes 2021 WK 39

Back to Django Chat

Will and I kicked-off the new season of Django Chat this week, with an episode on the upcoming Django 4.0 and various other topics that have come up over the summer.

There was a nice conversation on Twitter about making contributing more welcoming, which came up on the show again. This included a mention of my all-time favourite issue report, which I’d forgotten.

The summer break was good, but it’s equally so to be back to it.

A new home for Fellow Reports

I’ve moved my Fellow Reports — weekly summaries of my activity on Django — to a spot on my website.

Previously I’ve posted to the django-developers mailing list, but I wanted to enrich them a bit, and integrate them with these Weeknotes here, so this is their new home.

Fellow Report for 2021 WK 39.

I want the Reports to pile up as a bit more of an historical record for myself than lost on the mailing list. More though, I’m now able to enrich the reports over time, and log items on other projects than Django itself. This is something I’ve been wanting to work towards for a while, and is the primary motivation for the move.

Released channels_redis 3.3.1

Speaking of which, I rolled out a small update for channels_redis, just picking up a couple of issues in the new PubSub channel layer.

I had this lined up last week, but there were a couple of intermittent test failures that needed investigation. A nice user contribution picked that off, and we were good to go. 💃