A 2023 Q1 status update

Just a quick note.

I wrote in My 2022 in Review that the dominant theme of last year was family health, or the lack of it.

Of that, my second child was ill several times with viral infections, including Covid-19 at least once, early last year.

He had low-energy following that, especially given that he was ill again before the summer. Over the summer he seemed to be recovering, but the first week back in September he was ill again, and has never really recovered from that.

This has dragged on. We’ve been saying, ”If he’s not better by…, we’ll take him to the doctor (again)”.

He has a constant headache, low energy, muscle pain, and is unsteady in his walking. Seemingly, it’s been getting worse and not better.

Eventually, we did get back to that doctor, and we’re now half-a-million tests through a million-test process, trying to dig to the bottom of something, for which there’s no obvious cause.

They’ve ruled out a lot. One possible thing is a post-viral or long-covid type scenario, but no-one really knows anything about that, and the specialist clinic is not really any further along than anyone else. Just like in tech, that’s the trouble with NEW.

Anyhow, we’re coping. They’ll find it. He’ll be back on his feet.

But if I didn’t review your ticket, or merge your PR, or release your update yet, that’s why. I trust you understand. 💝