Django Fellow Reports

Part-time, I serve as a Django Fellow. Fellows are contracted by the Django Software Foundation (DSF) to do the day-to-day running of the framework. We handle ticket triage, pull request review, security reports, releases, community management, and so on. These are the kind of tasks that on a project the size of Django otherwise simply wouldn't get done.

You can read more about the Django Fellowship Program on the Django website.

If you depend on Django, I strongly recommend you take up an individual or (ideally) corporate sponsorship of the DSF. You make a small contribution to help ensure the sustainability of the framework that you built your business on.

The reports linked here are records of issues triaged, pull requests reviewed or authored, releases made, and so on. Also see the Weeknotes that I write on my blog for more context, and there's an RSS feed you can subscribe to there.




Reports prior to Sept 2021 were posted to the django-developers mailing list.