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It's Information Technology

We help you with the data layer of your application

You need a solid foundation, fast.

We've got you covered

The Hard Bits, Done Right

Design, architecture, deployment, maintenance, optimisation, scaling — there’s a whole lot to your app’s backend.

We provide design advice, fully managed solutions, engineering expertise and team training to ensure you’re on a sound footing.

We let you focus on the user facing side of your application

Your Content Anywhere

Your need to make your content available on an ever-larger list of platforms and device form factors. You need to integrate with your social and email and conventional marketing channels.

We build the APIs, cross platform clients, sync solutions and third-party integrations that gets your content where it needs to go.

Leverage Your Data for Insight

We handle the full data pipeline: instrumentation and data cleansing, machine learning backed search and recommendation systems and statistical analysis and reporting.

Build a data asset. Exploit it for competitive advantage.

Who Are We?

Dr. Carlton Gibson

Noumenal is the work persona of Dr. Carlton Gibson, Veteran Problem Solver, Software Craftsman and Philosophy PhD.

Since 2006 Carlton has shipped software for companies of every size. Whatever your scale we can help you.

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